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PotatoWare Bowls

PotatoWare Bowls

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 TWB-12 case= 1000 pcs

Potato Ware is our line of single-use food service tableware made primarily with potato and vegetable starch. Made from byproduct of potato industry for annually renewable resources. Produced with a high level of bio-based content to reduce reliance on petroleum products and keep them out of the waste stream. Durable, sturdy design makes the disposable, reusable.

*Microwave safe at Medium power

*Dishwasher safe on top shelf.

*No added PFAS.

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Bio-Based Cutlery is made with annually renewable GMO-free Potatoes and other starches. There are no added PFAS They are Dishwasher and microwave safe. They are also reusable and sustainable.

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