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Earth Cup KECH, Compostable, Bio-Based

Earth Cup KECH, Compostable, Bio-Based

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KECH-8 case= 1000 pcs

KECH-10 case= 1000 pcs

KECH-12 case= 1000 pcs

KECH-16 case= 1000 pcs

KECH-20 case= 1000 pcs

*BPI certified compostable

Earth Cups are sustainable hot beverage cups available in various sizes, made from 100% compostable materials.

Earth Cups are lined with a heat-tolerant PLA coating which also prevents leaks.

Both single-wall and double-wall Earth Cup products

are BPI-certified compostable, and have been tested for composability by the Compost Manufacturer Alliance (CMA) at Cedar Grove for acceptance at commercial composting facilities in the U.S.

*Cedar Grove tested & accepted

*Meets ASTM D6868 & ASTM D6400 standards

*USDA BioPreferred certified 98% bio-based content

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Bio-Based Cutlery is made with annually renewable GMO-free Potatoes and other starches. There are no added PFAS They are Dishwasher and microwave safe. They are also reusable and sustainable.

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