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General Information -

Our original TaterWareTM is just that – original! The pioneering concept of a plastic composed of plant starch was the basis for the entire range of TaterWare products available today:  plates, bowls, cutlery, hinged clamshell containers.f-taterware-plates-110112

We created a unique resin that uses potato or other vegetable starch as a key ingredient. Our patented formula also includes calcium carbonate and a polymer, which we combine to produce a product line that is sturdy, soak-proof, and suitable for both chilled and hot food.


f-taterware-bowl-110112Over 45 different TaterWare products are offered for all your food service needs. Note that our plates and bowls feature an attractive embossed design element to provide extra strength for big and messy meals. Our hinged clamshell containers include a steam vent, with friction locks for safe closures. Our cutlery line has several options to choose from, including kits that tuck a napkin in with individual cutlery pieces, all packaged in bio-based wrap. Natural-colored and attractive, TaterWare is an elegant single-use tableware line.


f-KECHcups-110712The Earth Cup translates into Earth Kindness; it’s a hot beverage container you can use with a clear conscience. 

Both of our Earth Cups and Earth Bowls come in several sizes, all made from 100% compostable materials.  The exterior features a premium paperboard that delivers a sturdy performance and feel. Our stock Kraft and Insulated Cups come in an attractive natural kraft-colored paperboard. Earth Bowls provide a clean, matte-white finish.

f-earth-bowls-110212Traditional containers have a polyethylene coating which doesn’t compost and is a non-renewable material; our Earth Cups and Earth Bowls are lined with a plant-based coating that is made from annually renewable resources. In fact, our no-leak bottom is double-coated with this bio-based material. Best of all, the Earth Cup and Earth Bowl product lines meet the ASTM D 6868 composting standard and can be composted at hundreds of composting facilities in North America.*


*All our Earth Cups and Earth Bowls meet ASTM & BPI compostability standards. Remember that appropriate commercial compost facilities may not exist in your area. For a list of compost facilities near you, visit

What makes EarthWareUSATM so unique?
It’s made in the U.S.A. (Richland, Missouri, to be exact!)

f-earthware-plates-110212Its plant-based and natural ingredients are sourced almost entirely within a 200-mile radius of our factory. The patented, highly-automated machinery that produces it is the product of U.S. ingenuity. By-product produced during manufacturing is reclaimed and recycled for new EarthWareUSA products.

Plant starch, calcium carbonate, and natural fibers are the primary components of EarthWareUSA plates and bowls. A baked and steamed fabrication process results in a product that has many of the practical advantages of Styrofoam, but none of the environmental consequences.

f-earthware-bowlOur EarthWareUSA plates and 12 ounce bowl feature a soak-safe moisture barrier on a hefty substrate that has not only outstanding heat tolerance, but superior insulation properties so that it never gets too hot to handle. This is quality dinnerware that has the lateral strength fit for heavy meals.

And . . . all of it completely GMO-free and petroleum-free.

Get EarthWareUSA. It’s cultivated.